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Tiger's-Eye Quartz Ornament Cabochon, 38.00 cts

Tiger's-Eye Quartz Ornament Cabochon, 38.00 cts

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Tiger’s-Eye Quartz is a transparent colorless quartz containing closely packed, parallel fibers of crocidolite asbestos, but experiences iron oxidation during formation. This iron oxide content gives Tiger’s-Eye its golden-brown to reddish-brown color. The more heat Tiger's-Eye experiences, the more red the color.  It is unknown whether this material was heated by the Earth or man-made process.

Cut and hand carved in a holiday ornament shaped cabochon. Flat, satin-polished back with a beveled edge for ease of setting. You will receive the exact gemstone shown in photos.

Weight: 38.00 carats
Length: 29.55 mm
Width: 30.37 mm
Height: 6.81 mm

Gem Species: Quartz
—Variety: Tiger’s-Eye
Phenomenon: Chatoyant
Trade Name(s): Red Tiger’s-Eye, Buffalo's-Eye Quartz
Origin: South Africa
Enhancement Code(s): (H) Heated


American Gem Trade Association Gemstone Enhancement Codes

Enhancement: Any treatment process other than cutting and polishing that improves the appearance (color/clarity/phenomena), durability, or availability of a gemstone.

(H) Heating
The use of heat to effect desired alteration of color, clarity and/or phenomena.

Care Instructions


  • Take care to protect the gemstone when setting.
  • Avoid contact with abrasive materials, including polishes.  We have taken great care to bring out the brightest shine possible; using another abrasive may dull your gemstone's finished polish.
  • Avoid acids that could harm your gemstone, such as pickle.
  • Pearls should never be exposed to abrasives or chemicals.
  • Store gemstones in the pouch provided, or in a soft lined container away from other materials that may scratch or break gemstones; this includes other gemstones!


  • It's best to clean most gemstones with warm water and a mild dish soap.
  • Designate a soft toothbrush to use for cleaning.
  • Most gemstones should not be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner or in any jewelry cleaner containing chemicals.  The only gemstones that are generally safe in strong jewelry cleaners are strictly sapphires or diamonds.


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  • Questions?

    If you have any questions on the care or cleaning of your gemstone(s) purchased from us, please send an email to  We are happy to provide any additional information on your piece.