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Hyacinth Jasper, 16.30 cts

Hyacinth Jasper, 16.30 cts

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Beautifully soft white, lilac to lavender color.  Nice hard, durable jasper suitable for rings, bracelets, or pendants/necklaces.  Polished to a vitreous (glassy) luster.  Flat, matte finish back with a beveled edge for ease of setting.  You will receive the exact gemstone shown in photos.

Weight: 16.30 carats
Length: 34.45 mm
Width: 15.18 mm
Height: 4.52 mm

Species: Chalcedony
—Variety: Jasper
Trade Name(s): Hyacinth Jasper
Origin: Utah, USA
Enhancement Code(s): (N) Natural

(N) Natural
No modification; natural stones which are not currently known to be enhanced (or currently has no known modification process).


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