Artwork Care


  • Store artwork in original packaging, away from direct sunlight until ready to display.

  • DO frame your new artwork with UV protective glass! The sealant only provides so much for so long; UV protective glass will do the job much longer!

  • All original artwork has been sealed for protection against dust and UV damage. However --

    • Avoid displaying artwork in direct sunlight or under direct light from a lamp or spotlight.

    • Avoid displaying artwork near excessive heat or moisture (e.g. near a heating vent or element or a humid room such as the bathroom).

    • These conditions may cause damage!

  • Artwork that has been damaged cannot be repaired.


    Wipe away dust with a very soft cloth or dusting wand (e.g. Swiffer wand) and a light touch.

      Never rub original artwork when wiping clean. Use a light touch only. You may need to make several passes across the surface to remove all dust.

        Do not apply any cleaning agents, water, or other liquids as this can cause damage.