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Raley Design Studios, LLC

Semicolon Ellipsis Sterling Silver Earrings

Semicolon Ellipsis Sterling Silver Earrings

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Semicolon & Ellipsis earring set
The story that is your life is not over; it is to be continued…

• A semicolon (;) to indicate there’s more to say.
• Hammered texture representing how beat up life sometimes makes us feel, yet we persist, and stronger for it like work-hardened metal.
• A high polish to show we can still shine and become our best selves—lumps, bumps, and all.
• Brushed finish on the back for the scars—both physical and emotional—that we try to hide.
• An ellipsis (…) to further indicate an unfinished thought.

Each sterling silver earring has been thoughtfully planned and crafted - sawed, filed, textured, and polished by hand; then, carefully soldered together and stamped 925 on the back. Just like us, no two are exactly alike.  Your purchase of these earrings supports me on my journey as an artist with depression & anxiety. Wear them yourself to show support for those around you who may be suffering, whether openly or in silence. Likewise, you can show your support for others by giving these as a gift to show them, "Your life matters to me."


~ Shipping Note ~
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. This accounts for the time I need to create a pair, including any materials I may need to order to do so. Thank you for your understanding and support!


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