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Colina Verde Variscite Cabochon, 16.05 cts

Colina Verde Variscite Cabochon, 16.05 cts

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I purchased this material directly from the miner/mine owner. The Colina Verde Mine is a small mine that is worked entirely by hand, in search of high grade spiderweb variscite. Variscite is an opaque gemstone with interesting color splotches and veins. It is usually a light or minty-green with whitish patterns. The unique color habits and patterns make it exotic and attractive. Variscite lacks durability and therefore should not be washed with chemicals or cleansers. It is also a relatively soft gemstone, and extra care should be taken to prevent scratching.

Polished on the dome and sides. Lightly backed with J-B Weld steel epoxy for stability (which can be sanded down by about 1mm if necessary; leave at least 1mm of backing to maintain stability for the stone).  Beveled bottom edge for ease of setting. You will receive the exact gemstone shown in photos.

Weight: 16.05 carats
Length: 23.06 mm
Width: 13.26 mm
Height: 7.43 mm

Gem Species: Variscite
—Variety: —
Trade Name(s): Variscite, Amatrix
Origin: Colina Verde Mine, Nevada, USA
Enhancement(s): ASBL (backed)

American Gem Trade Association Gemstone Enhancement Codes

Enhancement: Any treatment process other than cutting and polishing that improves the appearance (color/clarity/phenomena), durability, or availability of a gemstone.

Products made of multiple layers or combinations of manufactured and/or natural material fused, bonded or otherwise joined together to
increase stability and/or imitate the appearance of a natural gemstone, create a unique design or generate unusual color combinations.
NOTE: “ASBL” coded stones require special care! Avoid household chemicals, cosmetics, abrasives, and sudden shocks.

I used a thin layer of J-B Weld steel epoxy bonded to the back of this natural stone for added stability.


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